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Hi, my name is Catherine and I am a Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Meditation Guide. I own and run Scarlet Spirit, a holistic wellness environment currently operating online, so while I live in Australia, I offer distance reiki sessions to clients anywhere in the world.

Reiki uses the chi or life force energy to balance the chakras and cleanse auras, assisting in relief from stress or anxieties, as well as assisting your body's own natural healing processes.

Distance reiki can be delivered to you anywhere in the world at any time. We do not need to be in the same location. It is a unique experience for everyone, and can also calm and focus the mind, alleviate fatigue, assist sleep, enhance spiritual growth, clear blockages of the mind and body, and many more physical mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.



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How do distance reki appointments work?

Before your reiki appointment you need to find a quite and calm space you can relax in undisturbed. Some people like to sit and meditate, some like to lay in bed in case they drift off to sleep, the choice is yours. You can play relaxation music, light candles or incense, or sit in the moonlight, whatever you feel would work best for you. You just need to be comfortable, relaxed and breath. Wear light loose clothing if possible. Do not be in the middle of a busy day, at work, or driving etc.

At the start of the reiki appointment, I will message you to ask what you would like to focus the session on (if you have a preference) and to ensure you are ready to commence treatment. You can either remain anonymous or you can offer some details about yourself to enhance the connection during the treatment, but again the choice is yours. From there, for the next 25 mins, all you need to do is relax and let the energy flow through you. Allow yourself to be open and for the energy to offer its full benefit to you.

Once the reiki appointment is complete, I will message again to let you know, but you do not need to message me back. At some point in the few days after the reiki appointment if you want to let me know how your experience went, I would love to know, but it is not required. At the end of a session, some people like to sleep or continue to meditate, some people like to write about their experience or what had come to mind, some people just like to be quite for a while.


I have standard 25 minute reiki appointments available between 9am and 2pm, Thursdays and Fridays, Darwin Australia time zone (GMT). But if that doesn’t work for you, whether it be due to work or family commitments, or you’re on holidays, or in a different time zone, I also offer other times by appointment. So, contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your appointment request.





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